CorruptionRadar has developed a Sub-National Corruption Index (SCI). This index measures countries' and sub-national areas' grand and petty corruption levels based on 19 different dimensions measured with 807 household surveys. Users of the index will be able to separate corruption into petty and grand corruption for 178 countries and 1,483 subnational areas between 1995-2022.

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If you would like to use different geographical classifications, you can find the shapefiles of the Global Data Lab here: (account required). Note: The GDL and corruption regions coincide mostly, but not fully. You can find a preliminary key file between the classifications here. Issues with defining your geographical classification? Or do you have any feedback? Reach out at

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New sub-national corruption index reveals substantial differences in experiences with petty corruption and perceptions of grand corruption between provinces within countries.

CorruptionRadar offers country profiles on sub-national differences in different corruption types.

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